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Food and water are two of the most essential things your pup needs to survive. Making sure a dog has the right amount and good quality of each is essential to ensure you and your dog can live a happy and full life together. Feeding your dog better quality dog food can add three to five years on to his life. Isn’t a few extra dollars’ worth a few extra years?


Gourmet, super-premium and natural, these words may jump out at you when browsing through the pet food isle. They sound appealing, but in actuality mean absolutely nothing. If you want quality dog food for your pet you’re going to have to read the label.puppy-bowl

Protein and carbohydrates are very important for a dog’s healthy lifestyle, so make sure you can find a food that’s jammed pack with them. Remember, if you read a label and the first ingredient is a type of meat that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a lot of protein. According to the FDA meat is made up of 75 percent water, without that water weight meat would probably be lower on the list of ingredients.

Meat meals are different, this means most of the water weight has been removed from the meat packing it more full of the actual protein the dog needs. BOGO Bowl’s first ingredient is always a type of meat meal to give your dog enough protein to live a happy and full life. BOGO Bowl also makes sure to put in plenty of carbohydrates to keep your dog’s energy and body working just the way it should.

Also, be aware of artificial colors and byproducts. They are completely unnecessary in your pooch’s food. Byproducts are just there for filler and have no nutritional value for Fido. Artificial colors are just added to be appealing to the eye. BOGO Bowl contains no byproducts or artificial colors; because really your dog probably dosen't minds what color his food is, as long as it’s delicious!


In a dog’s perfect world food would be available to them at all times and they could eat to their hearts continent. As appealing as that might sound to your pooch, in order for them to stay healthy this fantasy can’t happen. Never over feed your dog, no matter how much you want to make them happy. In the long run an overweight dog is an unhappy dog.

Feedings vary with your dog’s size, age and activity level. If you are unsure on how much you should be feeding your dog consult your vet. It is also recommended that you use measuring cups instead of eyeballing it. The truth is, your eyes might be bigger than your dog’s stomach!



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Water makes up 60-70 percent of an adult dog’s body, if that is not maintained it could result in the death. To avoid that, make sure your dog gets plenty of water. People and dogs alike need water to cool off, rehydrate and live a healthy life. A dog needs an ounce of water for every pound of body weight he has daily. Also, always make sure your dog has fresh and clean water available.

It’s not hard to keep your dog happy and healthy; it just takes a little knowledge. You may think that those dog foods with the happy dog running on the bag looks good for your dog, but looks can be deceiving. Always make sure you read the labels and know what you’re filling your pooch’s stomach with. BOGO Bowl is proud to make a brand of dog food available that is healthy and will add some extra years of love and companionship to your dog’s life.