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Your dog is your best friend, makes you happy, and offers you unconditional love. Your dog, in most cases, is your baby. So, why not spoil him? There is a wrong and right way to spoil your dog. Spoiling is perfectly acceptable, but there are some things you should know before you lavish your dog with too many goodies.


You know your dog is spoiled when you have bought a very nice, comfy dog bed for him and somehow he still ends up sleeping right next to you in bed. This is completely fine, some people like the company and the extra warmth in the bed.

The only thing that you should be cautious of is making sure if your dog sleeps in your bed that you are still the pack leader. Dogs are instinctively pack animals and you want to be the leader of that pack. In a pack environment the pack leader gets the most comfortable spot to sleep.

So, if you do have your dog in your bed make sure it’s because YOU want him there, not that he wants to be there. If you want your dog out of the bed, he should respect you as a pack leader enough to not sleep in the bed. If your dog doesn’t listen to you when you tell them to get out of your bed, you might have an issue and may need to start weaning him out of your bed at night.


When it comes to your dog’s toys if you have a spoiled dog you have everything that rolls, bounces, squeaks, and is capable of being pulled. Your dog probably even has his own stocking at Christmas. Not to mention the toys he gets just for being a good boy.

Courtesy of Glamour Dog Salon

Courtesy of Glamour Dog Salon

There is nothing wrong with having a lot of toys for your dog, as long as they are safe and appropriate toys. Toys should keep a dog’s mind and body active. If the toy is accomplishing that then you can have as many toys as you can afford.

Just make sure the toys your dog is playing with are his toys, not your toys. Your shoes, your socks and your bra may be completely appealing to chew to your dog, but you need those things.
Also, you should note if the toys you are buying are ending up not being played with and just sit on the floor for you to trip over. You may need to evaluate what type of toys your dog likes. It’s better to have a few toys that actually get played with, then tons of toys that never get touched.


               Spoiled dogs often get fed table scraps. It’s hard to help when you want them to enjoy the same delicious food you do and they look so cute staring up at you from the table. If you want to feed your dog table scraps that is completely up to you, but there are some things you should be aware of.

A dog that is fed table scraps often will master the art of begging. They think if sitting at your feet, staring at you will you eat gets them food, they’re going to do it all the time. Begging is a learned behavior, if a dog does it and gets food they think they’re being praised. If you don’t want your dogs to beg, don’t reward them when they do it. That will just sends them mixed signals.

Another issue that can emerge when feeding your dog table scraps is your dog may experience weight issues. According to the American Society for Nutritional Sciences obesity and excess weight affects approximately 25 percent of dogs in the United States. Weight problems and obesity is the most common nutritional disease in companion animals.

If a dog is overweight or obese it can lead to a whole list of unwanted and expensive problems such as diabetes, heart disease and respiratory disease. If you truly want to spoil your dog and do what is good for him you should feed him healthy and nutritious dog food.

Good dog food can’t just simply be found walking down the aisles of your local grocery store. You have to actually check the labels and make sure that there aren’t any additives or fillers. BOGO Bowl dog food provides all of the nutrients your dog needs without all of the additives and not so good stuff in it. It is also packed full with protein and good grains. If your dog does have a weight issue we even have a Healthy Weight formula that will help shed those extra pounds your dog is carrying.

Spoiling your dog is fun and easy to do. You shouldn’t be ashamed of showering your furry family member with love and gifts. Just make sure your love isn’t affecting your dog’s health and behavior. Spoil away, it’s the least we can do for our life long companions.

Feature Photo Courtesy of nydailynews.com