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Day 7 - where are we again?

Day 7 was long, mainly spent driving out of Kanab Utah to our overnight stop in Colorado. We found a GREAT deal at a GREAT hotel - the Evergreen Inn in Vail (excellent customer service and fab rooms with more closet space than I have at home!). Just what we needed after so many days in the car. Lots of nature mixed with fun shops and beautiful architecture. And you thought Vail was just for skiing.

This photo was taken right before our only scary moment of the trip.  A few minutes after this photo was taken at a rest stop a huge moving truck came barreling down a hill toward us, swerving into the passing lane at the very last moment, so close I could see his nose hairs. Okay, not quite that close. But it was c.l.o.s.e.

Bye, Utah, you are beautiful!

Not much else to report, really, so I'll let the pics speak for themselves. Haley will tell you about our adventures in Colorado Springs tomorrow.

And just because I thought this was cool (Haley didn't care) the odometer got *this close* to 2400 as we reached the border of CO and KS. By the time we get home Wednesday night we will have covered almost 3000 miles. Go team BOGO Bowl! SB2YE747HRUX

At the border


Day 6 - Best Friends

Best Friends!
Best Friends Animal Society is guided by a simple philosophy: kindness to animals builds a better world for all of us. A grassroots effort to place dogs and cats who were considered "unadoptable"  into good homes.

They are obviously an outstanding organization that has stood out to Sara for years as a must visit. Their goals are right in line with BOGO Bowl and our mission. We were thrilled to take a tour of the sanctuary in beautiful Kanab, Utah. Best Friends is the largest sanctuary in the United States with 1,700 animals and over 33,000 acres.

We had a guided bus tour of Horse Haven, Bunny House, Parrot Garden, Piggy Paradise, and Wild Friends. Our stops included Cat World and Dog Town.

In Cat World the cats ruled taking over the place and walking across beams high above us. This is Slidell she can't use her back legs and slides to get about.

The visit to Dog world let us test out our command skills on one happy dog. He was more than pleased to sit and shake for us with the reward of a treat. If anyone wants a dog able to do stunts and jump as high as can be, Kira is your girl!

More Cat World and Dogtown photos coming soon to this blog and our BOGO Bowl's Facebook page!


Road trip - day 1!

Haley, Gigi (our GPS) and I began the day in the East Village, collecting our rental car (which we had to upgrade because we loaded up so many samples to distribute to the groups we visit). Of course we headed out later than expected, but we made good time and were in Lincoln just after lunch.

We're in Nebraska!

The first group we visited was Capital Humane Society in Lincoln.

Capital Humane Society in Lincoln!

We met with Donna, fundraising director, to talk about what we could do for them and what they're doing for their community. They have some interesting programs, including a reading program with kids. They had 78 dogs when we visited. Here's just one of their beautiful pups, waiting for a forever home:

Another adorable pup waiting for their forever home

After Lincoln we headed west to Grand Island. Whoever said Nebraska is boring is wrong. What a beautiful state! Gigi gave us a few sharp warnings to recorrect but eventually we found the Central Nebraska Humane Society,

home of Angus T. Loner, who is so awesome he has his very own Facebook page!

This is his likeness, which he won't even look at, according to Robby.

Associate Director Robyn (Robby) and  Executive Director Laurie made us feel right at home, giving us a tour and telling us all about their programs and activities. These ladies have it going on. They worked with their local health department to get leashes and collars and implement a dog-walking program to get both dogs and people in better shape. They've acquired a trailer and stocked it with items to deal with catastrophes, either themselves or by lending out the equipment to others in need. They work with their local Salvation Army to provide pet pantry services. They're all about working with other organizations to improve conditions for all animals in their part of the country.

Here's one of their adoptables, just waiting for one of you lucky Nebraskans to come and fetch them:

Tomorrow Haley will update you on Day 2, our Colorado adventure!