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Kia the tow lot pup

KC Pet Project Appearing on Rachael Ray May 17th

The little puppy with the strong will to live was found lying dehydrated on the dashboard of a car in a Kansas City tow lot. Kia, a now 13 week old healthy puppy will be featured on the Rachael Ray Show, Friday, April 17.

“We weren't sure what kind of car it was so we just named her Kia,” Tori Fugate, at KC Pet Project said. KC Pet Project took Kia in after a Kansas City tow lot employee discovered little Kia on the dashboard of a car.

“We were blessed with this cuckoo weather because any hotter and Kia might not have survived," Fugate said. The car was locked and had been in the tow lot since April 8. When the car was broken into a emaciated three pound Terrier/schnauzer mix was pulled from the messy car.

“The car was in bad shape, it was really disgusting,” Fugate said. Kia was in the car for a little over a month surviving off of trash in the car. Fugate isn't quite sure if Kia's owners knew she was in the car but they might have had no idea.

“The humane society is dealing with the owners, my main objective is to get Kia a good home,” Fugate said.

Kia is now located at KC Pet Project in Kansas City and is doing a lot better. She has grown from three pounds to over five pounds and is learning commands such as sit and lay down. Kia was a little shy when she first came in but has sense become more socialized. “She's really coming out of her shell,” Fugate said.

Make sure to watch Kia, the tow lot pup, on Rachael Ray Show, Friday, May 17 to hear the story of the little pup discovered on a dashboard.

BOGO Bowl is so proud to be able to support the work of group like the KC Pet Project who make such an impact on the lives of animals. With your support, we want to ensure happy endings like this one on a daily basis. You can learn more about the KC Pet Project here.