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The sun's out, the grill is warmed up; the sweet aroma of barbecue is in the air. Sounds like a perfect summer picnic doesn't it? Picnics are great opportunities to get out and enjoy the weather and spend some time with family, friends, and Fido.  But before you go out there and fire up the grill there are some things you should remember to keep out of Fido’s mouth.

Grapes, Raisins or Currants

Grapes and raisins can often be a nice side to go along with the burgers and brats. They are also found in breads and cookies for desert.

  • According to Pet Poisons Helpline if a dog ingests these fruits it could lead to sudden kidney failure.
  • Kidney failure wouldn’t happen in all pets but it is impossible to tell which ones are sensitive to this fruit, so why risk it?


Soda can often be found at a picnic or barbeque. It serves as a pick-me-up and it quenches thirst. Caffeine can also be found in coffee, tea, energy drinks and diet pills.

  •  Pets are much more sensitive to caffeine than people are. Too much caffeine for people can cause jitteriness, for dogs it could cause death.
  • According to Pet Poisons Hotline, one to two laps of some coffee, tea or soda will not contain enough caffeine to cause poisoning in most pets, but the consumption of moderate amounts of coffee grounds, tea bags or one to two diet pills could cause death in small dogs or cats.

Chocolate and Cocoa

Chocolate is a favorite by kids and adults alike and is often found around the picnic table. Theobromine is a chemical found in chocolate and is a cousin chemical to caffeine and is just as dangerous for your furry friend.

  • Dark chocolate is the most dangerous because it contains a significant amount of theobromine. Same goes for baker’s chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, cocoa powder and gourmet dark chocolates; they are much more dangerous than milk chocolate.
  • White chocolate contains a very little amount of theobromine and will not cause chocolate poisoning in pets.
  • The amount of chocolate is what makes it poisonous, according to Pet Poison Hotline. A few chocolate chips or one to two bites of a chocolate chip cookie is unlikely to cause poisoning.
  • Chocolate contains a large amount of fat and some pets could develop pancreatitis after eating chocolate or baked goods containing chocolate.


There is often beer and spirits passed around as people enjoy their time out in the sun. A lot of dogs may find they enjoy the taste of beer, but remember having a booze hound could result in some very serious problems.

  • Dogs get drunk just like people do.
  • It is also easier for them to get tipsy, fall into a coma and even die.

Hotdogs and Hamburgers

Hotdogs and hamburgers are most often the first thing thrown on the grill. It’s probably hard to look down at those puppy dog eyes, begging for a nibble of these picnic essentials.

  • One hotdog or hamburger won’t hurt a dog, but if everyone around the picnic area is feeding into those big, needy eyes it could cause for some stomach issues.
  • Dr. Tina Wismer, DVM, medical director of ASPCA Animal Posion Control Center says too many hotdogs and hamburgers could lead to some vomiting and diarrhea.
  • A good idea would be to pack some BOGO Bowl kibble with you so Fido can have something nutritious to snack on while everyone enjoys their picnic.


Every dog likes to chew on bones and bones can usually be found at the end of a picnic. It may be really tempting to throw the dog a bone, but Dr. Wismer says it’s never a good idea. Feeding dogs any type of bones from people’s food causes serious problems.

Courtesy of Chariseschamberchatter.wordpress.com

Courtesy of Chariseschamberchatter.wordpress.com

  • Bones easily splinter which causes internal bleeding and possible death.
  • Overindulging on bones can lead to serious canine constipation.
  • Big bones can break a dog’s teeth.
  • You could freeze chicken or beef broth in ice cube trays for safer treats.


A lot of people find places to dump their grease after a barbeque. This could be driveways, yards or buckets to take out later. A dog will readily scarf down any grease he can find.

  • If a dog eats barbeque grease he will be ingesting dangerous amounts of fat.
  • If the grease is hot it could cause oral burns.
  • Chemical grill cleaners are also a threat to dogs, so keep those up high and out of reach.

Mayo-based Salads

During a picnic food can often get left out in the summer heat while people throw a ball around or socialize. Mayo-based salads that get left out in the sun run a serious risk for people and dogs.

  • Dogs get food-poisoning just like people do from mayo-based salads left out in the sun.
  • This can cause Salmonella or E. Coli.
  • Dogs will experience diarrhea or vomiting with blood if contaminated food is consumed.

So this summer when you’re packing up the picnic stuff and firing up the grill, remember to keep your pooch safe and free of harmful picnic poisonous. Keep in mind this barbeque breakdown, so you can enjoy endless summer activities with your best friend.

So, who all is taking their pooch to a picnic this Fourth of July?

Picture courtesy of Cutedogpix.com