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What’s the Scoop: Brewer’s Yeast

If you’re a curious dog owner, you’ve probably looked at the bag of dog food your pooch is scarfing down on a daily basis. You’ve read through the ingredients – hopefully the list was short and didn’t include anything that would damage your dog’s health – and you have spotted “brewer’s yeast” on more than one label. Why would anyone put yeast in a dog food? Read on to find out.

Brewers YeastWhat is Brewer’s Yeast?
Brewer’s yeast is actually yeast in the sense that it is a single-celled organism that eats sugar and produces alcohol and carbon dioxide as it chows down. Brewer’s yeast is used to make beer – or ‘brew’ – wine, and even bread. Generally speaking, the kind you see in your dog’s food is made from fresh ingredients, though occasionally poorer quality foods just use the left over brewer’s yeast that is a result of making beer.

Why it’s Good for Your Pup
There are a couple of reasons your dog benefits from this nutritious yeast. First, brewer’s yeast is a natural flea deterrent. Most brewer’s yeast contains sulfur-like compounds that make fleas jump away once they get a bite out of your dog. It may not kill them, but they won’t stick around for long once they get a good taste!

Secondly, many holistic stores and vets say that brewer’s yeast actually strengthens the immune system of canines. In fact, the protection doesn’t stop at our furry friends. Some studies have shown that salmonella-tainted chicken feed didn’t affect chickens that had first been on a diet that included brewer’s yeast.

Third, brewer’s yeast is full of good things for your dog, like zinc and biotin. These minerals can help your dog’s fur become glossy, fluffy, and much more lovable. Brewer’s yeast can even cut down on dandruff, making your dog less itchy during the summer.

Many of the better dog food brands (like BOGO Bowl) include brewer's yeast. But if you're buying a supplement, make sure when you’re shopping for brewer’s yeast that you compare labels so you know you’re getting the good stuff for your companion. Overdose on brewer’s yeast can cause allergic reactions, and a low-quality yeast can have fewer nutrients and less effectiveness in warding off fleas.

Overall, brewer’s yeast is a nutritious addition to your canine’s food bowl.