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For dogs having to part with their soldier mommy and daddy when he or she gets deployed can be heart wrenching. The time away can seem to last forever. Dogs may not have any conception of time, but they notice all the mornings they wake up and their best friend isn't there to let them outside, or take them for a walk. They know that their soldier isn't there to scratch them behind their ears or to snuggle up to them in bed.

Seeing a dog being reunited with their best friend after so long apart makes it evident how much a dog can miss and yearn for their human’s presence. Dog's wiggling butts and ecstatic jumping show how much compassion they have. Some dogs will cry out with emotion, just like a child does when his or her dad comes home from war.

Meet Emma

Emma is a little girl with a severe birth defect. It’s hard for her to use her back legs. Emma and her dad were very close before he was deployed. He was gone for six months before returning. Typically when Emma’s mom comes in the door she just waits at the end of the hallway. It was a different story when Emma’s dad got home.

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Meet Ranger

Ranger loves his “Green Monster” toy and his dad. Imagine Ranger surprise when he returns with “Green Monster” to find his dad home from deployment. Ranger cries out with excitement, all while keeping ahold of Green Monster!

Military Home Coming Mash-up

Here’s a set of videos to warm your heart right up. It captures every dog’s tail wag, howl and excited leap into the arms of their soldier. Each butt jiggle and face lick is another happy ending for these military pups.

Do you have a good story of a loved one coming home to their best friend?

Image Courtesy of Kootation.com

GO Team BOGO Bowl!


When we were deciding what to do with our crowd funding project, it was tricky. How could we best share our philosophy, our reason for being?

We believe in happy endings.After lots and lots of discussions, we realized it all comes down to this: We believe in happy endings.

We know we're not the only ones. Start a conversation with a stranger, and if they have a pet, you're almost guaranteed to see a few phone shots of Sparky or Molly. They make us very happy, these funny, furry, oh-so-wise companions of ours.

So, our project is celebrating the joy of happy endings.

But it’s more than that.

We are not a subsidiary of a corporation, or backed by venture capitalists. We are just everyday people who love animals and want to make a difference. What that means is we don’t have a big bank account. Every choice we make has consequences that affect other things –it’s always “this” or “that”, rarely, if ever, “both.”

Take me to the book project!
Raising money via crowdfunding will give us the opportunity to connect with more organizations who need our help, to reach out to more buyers who share our belief that every dog needs healthy food in its bowl, and will allow us to team up with independent retailers who want to help the organizations in their communities but are also walking a fine financial line. It will give us resources to extend our reach farther and faster so that working together we can make a bigger impact sooner.

But we need you. The good news – no, the GREAT news, is it’s easy!

  1. Talk about BOGTake me to the Tshirts!O Bowl and our projects within your circle of influence.
  2. Share the link to this blog with your friends, family, coworkers, the people you sit next to in church, your vet, daycare provider – anyone and everyone you think might love dogs as much as we do.
  3. Think about buying BOGO Bowl for your own dog.
  4. If you think what we’re doing is worthwhile, pledge to support us! We have lots of levels of rewards (benefits) starting at $10. There are two ways to pledge:
      • On IndieGoGo, pledge and get your choice of our cute T-shirts. It’s an easy, wearable way to make a statement!
      • On StartSomeGood.com, your pledge will make your dog a star! We’re building a beautiful photo book of Happy Tails you'll want to show off. Claim all or part of a single page for your canine family members, and give a shout-out to the organization where you adopted them in the process.
      • On both sites there are also food options! Buy BOGO Bowl for your own dog and we’ll send a double match to your favorite organization.

* Why the split? Because people are different, as are our rewards, and so are these crowdfunding sites. IndieGoGo is more kicked-back, with humor and a bit of an edge. StartSomeGood is exactly what its name claims: a place to jump start something good in the world. We wanted to give our supporters options that make them happy. And we didn’t want to come begging too often and wear out our welcome.

We believe together we can be the cause of lots and lots of happy endings. Go TEAM BOGO Bowl!



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