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Dog has been man's best friend for thousands of years. They've been loyal friends, protectors, alarm clocks, fire alarms, life vests, walking sticks, psychiatrists, exercise partners, cuddlers, just about anything you can think of dogs will do for you. Dogs have been known to jump in the path of danger and lay down their lives for their best friends. Here are some tails that belonged to dogs that put their lives on the line to save their human's tails!

Mr. Rivera and Dorado

During the 9/11 tragedy Mr. Rivera was trapped in the World Trade Center. Mr. Rivera is blind and relies on Dorado, a two year old Labrador retriever and guide dog. When the plane crashed into the building Mr. Rivera thought he would never make it down 70 floors alive.DORADO

"I thought I was lost forever—the noise and the heat were terrifying—but I had to give Dorado the chance of escape. So I unclipped his lead, ruffled his head, gave him a nudge and ordered Dorado to go,” Mr. Rivera said.

But then Dorado did something unexpected. After several minutes Dorado returned to his owner. Dorado guided his owner down 70 flights of stairs, down to the street. It took the pair and another co-worker of Mr. Rivera an hour to make it down to the street. Shortly after they made it down the tower collapsed.

Herbert and BoydyBOYD

Herbert Schutz, a 76 year old man, found himself in a terrible situation on one gloomy night in Australia. Schutz crashed his car after hitting a tree and became pinned beneath the vehicle. The man was trapped for four days, but thankfully he had his dog Boydy with him.

Schutz “was adamant his dog saved his life.” Boydy laid across Schutz in an attempt to keep him warm. Finally Schutz was found four days later with a fractured skull, two broken hips and a dislocated shoulder and was rushed to the hospital to begin recovery.

Emma and CrackersCRACKERS

Emma Iverson, a 79 year old woman from Minnesota, knows her dog Crackers was her angel the night she fell and couldn’t get up. Iverson was on the ground for 20 hours with her dog at her side. She remembers him repeatedly chasing raccoons and coyotes that came around away.

Finally, the next day her postal carrier found her. Iverson spent nine days in the hospital for a full recovery, all thanks to her spunky dog Crackers.

Ian and Monty

Ian Thomas, a 64 year old man, found himself knocked unconscious from a lightning bolt. Thomas was out feeding his chickens, goats and a donkey. He was holding a metal bowl when the bolt shot through the bowl and up to his hands and head. The only way Thomas survived instant death is he was wearing rubber-soled willies on his hands.

When Thomas came to he saw his dog Monty standing by him. Thomas got up allowing Monty to take some of his weight. Thomas leaned on Monty as he guided him the whole 100 yards home, where he was rushed to the hospital.  MONTY

“I use Monty quite often as a prop or walking stick when I am out of breath. I say to him, ‘Help me, help me’ and he comes to heel. This was a case of, ‘Help me, help me’ and there he was, God bless him. I just trusted my instincts, reached out and grabbed hold of him. I was able to use him to drag myself up and back to the house,” Thomas said.

These are just a few courageous stories of a dog doing anything to ensure the safety of their owners. Dogs have been known to sacrifice anything for their owners; maybe that’s why we call dogs our best friend.

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