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For dogs having to part with their soldier mommy and daddy when he or she gets deployed can be heart wrenching. The time away can seem to last forever. Dogs may not have any conception of time, but they notice all the mornings they wake up and their best friend isn't there to let them outside, or take them for a walk. They know that their soldier isn't there to scratch them behind their ears or to snuggle up to them in bed.

Seeing a dog being reunited with their best friend after so long apart makes it evident how much a dog can miss and yearn for their human’s presence. Dog's wiggling butts and ecstatic jumping show how much compassion they have. Some dogs will cry out with emotion, just like a child does when his or her dad comes home from war.

Meet Emma

Emma is a little girl with a severe birth defect. It’s hard for her to use her back legs. Emma and her dad were very close before he was deployed. He was gone for six months before returning. Typically when Emma’s mom comes in the door she just waits at the end of the hallway. It was a different story when Emma’s dad got home.

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Meet Ranger

Ranger loves his “Green Monster” toy and his dad. Imagine Ranger surprise when he returns with “Green Monster” to find his dad home from deployment. Ranger cries out with excitement, all while keeping ahold of Green Monster!

Military Home Coming Mash-up

Here’s a set of videos to warm your heart right up. It captures every dog’s tail wag, howl and excited leap into the arms of their soldier. Each butt jiggle and face lick is another happy ending for these military pups.

Do you have a good story of a loved one coming home to their best friend?

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At BOGO Bowl, we believe in Dog, and we believe in living a BOGOLicious life. For us, that means Good Friends, Good Laughs, Good Love, Good Taste, Good Travels... you get the picture.

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