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BOGO buyer embodies our spirit

Janis H. of Monroe, WA, woke up this morning not knowing she was going to do something heroic before noon. She may not even think of her actions later as being gallant, but we here at BOGO Bowl think she’s pretty special. And we’re guessing that the folks at Royse City  Animal Control in Texas will think she’s pretty special too when they receive our latest order.

Janis tells us that Monroe, WA is a small town 25 miles north of Seattle (nowhere near rural Texas, which will become relevant in a moment). She happened to be perusing Craigslist for the Seattle area and she came across the following post:

Tiny rural shelter needs our help!

“I read the story, and saw the pictures and my heart just broke for the poor animals that ended up at that shelter,” Janis wrote in an email to us. Turns out it was Royse Animal Control and it was the first time Janis had ever heard of them. “No beds, no blankets, no toys, hardly enough food, absolutely no comfort for these animals. I knew I had to help them. I sent an email to all my dog-loving friends and asked if they'd be willing to pitch in for a "care package" to send to the shelter, and of course all of them are onboard! My daughter and I are going to assemble blankets, toys, treats, and more food this weekend to send to them.”

Then Janis had remembered seeing a link to BOGO Bowl on a webpage a few days earlier. “I remembered it this morning when I read the shelter story. I did a Google search and there you were!” she wrote. “I thought you had a wonderful idea to help shelter pets, so I wanted to give you my business.”

Janis knows how much animals need us and we need them. She is mom to two cats – Sadie, 6 and Tia, 5; and two long-haired miniature Dachsunds – Tag, 3 ½ and Amber, 6. “They are my little lovebugs,” she says.

Thanks Janis for being so giving and letting us help you in your act of kindness.

We believe in Dog!