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Our coming out party in Chicago!

As a BOGO Bowl rookie, I was excited, a little bit nervous, and all about diving right into our Chicago weekend extravaganza.  I mean, it’s about dogs – hello!!!   And I was going with a fun, easy-going super cool BOGO owner. We were headed to the Windy City Pet Expo.  I was overly pumped about all of the fun materials we had prepped for our booth - such cute, creative décor.  Not only that, but we were visiting a very special Chicago animal shelter on the way.

Despite the summer construction, unexpected (forgotten) Illinois tollways (“I think I have a nickel in the bottom of my purse oh here’s a penny wait I have a dime”), and bumper to bumper traffic, we successfully made our way to the rescue called Found Chicago.  And our GPS Navigator, Tina, was very helpful (she was not fond of going in the glove compartment, however).

We made it to Found Chicago.  Beautiful shelter – all walls painted a fresh calming blue , black and white pictures of gorgeous pups on the walls.  I describe it as “urban hipster sheek” – as much as you can describe an animal shelter like that.  HUGE rooms/areas.

I got to hold a 2 month old Pittie puppy, Brogan, on our tour (yeah, it was rough).  He was found emaciated on the 4th of July with several internal issues.  Despite a few sores on his ears, he looked well on the road to recovery.   The facility is divided into three portions – Found, Heal, and Stay.

All of the animals that come to this shelter have intense behavioral or physical issues.  We passed so many beautiful doggies, lots of gorgeous pitties, in the Found section.  The Heal section had a large therapy pool and training area for vet needs and rehab.  The Stay section was a very classy boarding area and shop.    Needless to say, we were IMPRESSED.  Oh yeah – and the lovely ladies we spoke with were even better than all of that.

Saturday morning we rose for the big day – The Windy City Expo.  After a little more set-up of our cute, fabulous, best-in-show booth (in my opinion), the thousands of people started their way through. And with doggies of all shapes and sizes in tow!  After I got my scpiel down, I was very comfortable.  And I can’t forget to mention our BOGO man in a Dalmatian costume, Gary.  Wow did he bring the cheese – BUT he also brought the people!  So he did a great job at being a crazy puppy for us.

Everyone loved our concept, signed up to have information sent, took our samples, and showed genuine interest.  They thought our pricing was on point and loved that it could be delivered right to their door with no additional shipping costs.

We sold a good amount of food!  People who said they would be back on their way out, actually did stop back on their way out.  One lady bought a bag and didn’t even own a dog – both her bag and the matching bag went to rescues at our expo.  Cool thing is, the same lady came back to us a couple of hours later with a dog that she just adopted at the expo, Nettie!  So she bought another bag for Nettie and we got to bring another matching bag to another rescue!  That was the best part – BOGO dog and I delivering FREE food to them.  Needless to say, they were all very grateful.

Such an exciting first-time experience for me with BOGO Bowl.  I knew the concept was brilliant from the beginning – but to have it reaffirmed by hundreds of people was pretty darn cool.  It was all worth the long day and sore tootzies.  Can’t wait to do it again!  Yay BOGO bowl!

Coming in the next day or so - pictures of BROGAN! the adorable pup, and some of the awesome organizations and people we met in Chicago.

BOGO Susan


Day 8 - Beautiful Colorado

Sara and I began our morning in beautiful Vail, Colorado. If one is ever in Colorado this town is a must see. It is like a small Swiss village, full of little shops and amazing  restaurants. Fortunately we had time to take a short tour of the area and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery.

Our next stop was to meet with Darlene of Pikes Peak Pet Pantry in Colorado Springs. She is doing a great job running this pantry, mostly on her own. She helps 350 people every month keep their pets at home and out of shelters. If you want to keep up to date on the needs of people and pets effected by the fire, visit the Peak Pet Pantry FB page.
We were very glad to able to donate a number of samples to help out the displaced pets in the Colorado Springs area. Hours after we left Colorado Springs the street we had been on was evacuated. Our heart goes out to all those impacted by the many fires spreading across the western United States.
The rest of the BOGO Bowl drive went smoothly as we continued east, stopping overnight in Hays, Kansas. Tomorrow we visit our last two shelters doing good works in Kansas and Missouri!


Day 7 - where are we again?

Day 7 was long, mainly spent driving out of Kanab Utah to our overnight stop in Colorado. We found a GREAT deal at a GREAT hotel - the Evergreen Inn in Vail (excellent customer service and fab rooms with more closet space than I have at home!). Just what we needed after so many days in the car. Lots of nature mixed with fun shops and beautiful architecture. And you thought Vail was just for skiing.

This photo was taken right before our only scary moment of the trip.  A few minutes after this photo was taken at a rest stop a huge moving truck came barreling down a hill toward us, swerving into the passing lane at the very last moment, so close I could see his nose hairs. Okay, not quite that close. But it was c.l.o.s.e.

Bye, Utah, you are beautiful!

Not much else to report, really, so I'll let the pics speak for themselves. Haley will tell you about our adventures in Colorado Springs tomorrow.

And just because I thought this was cool (Haley didn't care) the odometer got *this close* to 2400 as we reached the border of CO and KS. By the time we get home Wednesday night we will have covered almost 3000 miles. Go team BOGO Bowl! SB2YE747HRUX

At the border