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When you live in hurricane area you need to prepare your pets, too.

If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes or flooding, you should always be prepared with a safety kit not only for yourself, but for your pets as well. Disasters are really dangerous and they will affect your furry friends just as much as you. You should fill your kit with supplies to last up to two weeks.

What to pack?

  • Water, which should be rotated every two months to ensure freshness.
  • Food, which should be rotated as well so it doesn’t go bad.
  • Medications that are needed.
  • Potty pads and garbage bags for waste.
  • Extra leash and cat carrier.
  • Current picture in case your pets gets lost and you need to create a poster.
  • Vet information and records.
  • Blanket for warmth or to create a cave if they're afraid of loud sounds.

Remember to make sure your pets are always up to date on vaccines as well, for their safety and the safety of others. Also, have copies of records to prove that your pets are up to date, along with veterinarian’s numbers. This is stuff that will be needed in order for entrance into animal shelters or hotels if you have to leave home. You may need an animal shelter for your dog because a lot of emergency shelters don’t allow animals. It would be good to have a list of 24 hour emergency clinics for pets.

In case of injury remember a basic first aid kit for you pets. Never give animals people medication, there are some things that work for people but could potentially be fatal for animals. Also, make sure your dog has a collar with your number on it so you can be contacted in case your dog gets lost. Collars may slip off, so another good idea is to get your dog micro chipped. Micro chipping is a computer chip that is placed under the dog’s skin with your contact information.

Your electricity might go out in a severe weather situation, so you could fill up your bathtubs and sinks at the first sign of danger to ensure fresh water for you and your pets. You may also want to consider crating for your dog’s safety because they may become stressed out with the extreme weather and try to run off. If for some reason you have to leave your dog unattended, do NOT leave them in the crate. Should something separate you for more than a few minutes, the dog would be helpless.

Be very careful of pets around generators. CO poisoning will affect them first.

Always have a safe haven to go to, whether it’s a room in your house or somewhere outside of the house. Make sure in a hurricane situation you have a room without windows, where you and your pets can snuggle up and wait out the storm. At the first sign of danger get your pet inside and start getting ready. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so always have a plan for you and your pooch.

If you haven’t seen the story on the Oklahoma woman who found her dog amidst the rubble of the tornado damage it’s definitely worth a view. The heartwarming video should also inspire you to prepare for the damage weather conditions can cause. Being prepared will help protect you and your dog from anything Mother Nature wants to throw at you.

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