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All Natural Dog Food

Rumors fly across the web of what mysterious ingredients might just find their way into your bag of dog food. When you purchase all-natural dog food from BOGO Bowl, you don’t have to worry. Every bag from BOGO Bowl is filled with all natural ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, and of course, protein. Our bags DON’T contain byproducts or artificial flavors. We don’t use corn, wheat, or soy as fillers either.

So why is all-natural food better for your pet?

Pet owners who provide their pets with an all-natural dog food diet often respond that benefits include:

  • healthy weight loss
  • fewer digestive problems
  • reduction (and possibly elimination) of skin problems
  • shinier coat
  • fewer allergies
  • longer and better quality of life

What you feed your pet makes a difference at every stage of their lives. When considering what type of food to feed your friend, you can start with three simple questions:

What breed or size is your pet?

The food you feed your pet affects different breeds and sizes of dogs differently — from energy level to more specific needs like joint support and a healthy skin and coat.

How old is your pet?

At different stages in life, your pet’s body will require different nutritional needs. Puppies, adults, and seniors need differing formulas when it comes to growth, energy, and mobility.

What about special health considerations?

Many food blends can be made to cater to a specific health condition — this includes things like a restricted ingredient recipe, or reduced calorie formulas.

BOGO Bowl is a certified natural dog food. According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials, this means our food contains no artificial colors, artificial flavors, or artificial preservatives. That’s right — it means every bit of food is real, coming from a plant, animal, or mined source.

No Fillers

If your doggie has digestion or sensitivity issues, BOGO Bowl is perfect. Many food sensitivities and digestion issues can come from your pet’s inability to break down common grains, like corn, wheat, and soy. Our specially made formulas use natural proteins to help make sure your pet still receives the carbohydrates and protein they need to be healthy and live happily.

No Byproducts, either

Byproducts are often not listed on the ingredient labels found on your bag of dog food, and that’s the scary part. Byproducts are things like ground skeletal meats, connective tissues, blood, or organs. These products aren’t necessarily harmful, but they’re certainly unpleasant. Natural dog food doesn’t contain byproducts — instead, natural dog food includes whole, high quality ingredients like lamb, bison, rabbit, fish, and vegetables and fruits.

Meal Is Better

BOGO Bowl's meat proteins come from high-quality meals. "Meal" is what remains after the water is removed from fresh meat. Fresh meat is actually 80% water, whereas quality lamb, fish, or chicken meal is 100% protein.

As you’re thinking of switching over to an all-natural dog food diet, make sure that you’re inspecting the ingredient and nutritional labels of your dog food closely. When looking for all-natural food, you’ll see ingredients like vegetables, Vitamins E and C, and other high quality ingredients like lamb, bison, and rabbit. If you see ingredients like corn, or other chemical names you can’t produce, steer clear — that food’s not healthy for your pet.

If you’re wondering what might be the best pet formula for your furry friend, contact BOGO Bowl, or look through some of our favorite formulas like grain-free, maintenance, and healthy weight.


20 Reasons Why We Love Dogs / National Dog Day

By Lyndsay Marvin
ladyThere is no better day than today: it’s National Dog Day! Even though we celebrate our dogs every
single day, it’s always fun to have an entire day dedicated to our pups. It’s also fun to see the photos other people share of their dogs on special days like today!
In honor of National Dog Day, we wanted to share 20 reasons why we love dogs.

  1. They’re adorable.
  2. They’re the ultimate companion.
  3. They love us unconditionally.
  4. They give unlimited kisses.Duke and Susan
  5. No matter if it’s been 5 minutes or 5 hours; they’re incredibly excited to see us.
  6. We always have someone to talk to.
  7. They cuddle with us.
  8. They can be trained to help us (i.e. services dogs, emotional support dogs).
  9. They help us meet people (dogs want to greet other dogs, and people!).
  10. They give us a sense of purpose.
  11. They won’t judge us, no matter what silly things we do.
  12. They’re always down to pawty. 😉
  13. They’re incredibly smart.
  14. They keep us active (walks, runs, playing fetch).
  15. They’re great for learning true responsibility.charlie and mac
  16. They help us judge people’s character (if my dog doesn’t like you, I probably won’t like you).
  17. They are happy almost all the time (talk about a great motivator!).
  18. They help relieve stress.
  19. Holidays, like Halloween, are more fun with dogs.
  20. They’re great protection (for ourselves and our children).

mosbyWe could give a million more reasons why dogs are amazing, but these are our mains. We’re celebrating National Dog Day by giving tons of love, snuggles, and treats to our dogs; how are you celebrating? What reasons do you have for why dogs are the best? Share in the comments below!


How to Prepare Your Pup for the New School Year

6 Tips for a Smooth Transition

By Lyndsay Marvin

It’s that time of year: summer is ending and the school year is beginning. For some, school has already begun. It’s an exciting time for students, parents, and teachers, but it’s important not to forget our little furry friends. The beginning of the school year can be rough for dogs since schedules are changing and people aren’t home as much. It’s a big change and it’s imperative we take steps to ensure Fido is feeling happy and comfortable with the transition. BOGO Bowl has put together a list of things to get your pup on a schedule, leaving him (and you) happy and content.

  1. Feed him at the same time every day. It’s important for your dog to know when he is going to eat. No matter how many times you feed him a day (generally 1-3 times a day, depending on your dog), consistency is important both psychologically and physically.
  2. Walk him at the same time every day (or as close as possible). Being on a strict walk schedule lets your dog know when he should be ready to go potty. He knows to look forward to these times, which reduces accidents in the house. It’s best to walk him in the morning after you both wake up, after he eats, drinks a lot of water, plays excessively, and before bed.
  3. Schedule play and exercise. Most dogs need to exercise and have play time so they can get out their energy. They don’t generally like to be locked inside all day. Along the lines of having scheduled walks, you should also schedule play time. You can designate certain walks to be strictly potty time, and leave one (or two) walks to be potty plus playtime walks.
  4. Put Fido on a sleep schedule. Just like humans (and almost all creatures), dogs thrive when they’re on a specific sleep schedule. He will know when it’s time to wake up (and go on that walk he knows is coming) and when it’s time to wind down for sleep.
  5. Utilize his crate. Not all puppy parents use crates, so this one is geared toward the ones who do (or should). Giving your dog a specific safe place will help calm his anxiety and fear of you and the kids being gone all day. Even if you don’t use a crate, sometimes a designated area of the house is a great alternative.
  6. Hire a dog walker. This may not be for everyone, but for some families, hiring a dog walker can be very beneficial. If you work long hours or your kids are at school for a long time, your dog might need to go outside in between his morning and afternoon walks.
A girl reading a book little puppies

A girl reading a book little puppies

We hope these tips help you, your family, and your dog to have a smooth transition from scattered summer schedules to more strict school schedules! If you have any tips to share, please leave them in the comments below!