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Just another day at the (dog) park...

Jonathan Lagasse (shown with his two- and four-legged family), Dog Park Expert and Founder of PawParks NYC, gives us a look into his app as well as a few tips to make your first (or daily) trip to the dog park a positive experience.

It was the day of his engagement with his wife when they fell in love with a one-year old boxer rescue named Mel.

They had plans to take Mel to the local dog park to play and have a great time. They soon found she wasn’t so fond of certain dogs.

PRO TIP 1:1603e7_f4f81bfd5e654e768fe24902615b85bb
Size the Scene – check out the other dogs as well as the people at the park when you get there (or before using and determine if it is a good match for you and your dog. Do a little research about the park before you go - so you know if you need to bring shade or water for you and your dog.
Dog training didn’t necessarily help either and Jonathan saw a problem.
Which dog parks could he take her too? What if Jake, her golden enemy was there at the exact same time?
It was important that Mel receive proper exercise and maintain an active lifestyle, so Jonathan researched online, but found nothing.

Speaking of exercise, your pup will be getting a ton of exercise with the other dogs at the park. Avoid bringing your own treats or toys into the park – the other dogs at the park with be plenty of stimulation for your dog (Plus, the others might fight you for a treat or two.) 
Nowhere stood a source of information regarding the dog parks in New York.
Jonathan saw and problem and decided to fix it himself. Then came PawParks.
PawParks is specific to the New York City and Long Island area and works to create a positive environment for all dog lovers in the city.
Here are some of the features:
Pawfile: each dog has a puppy profile that tells others about your dog and vice versa. Things they like, things they don’t like and general personality traits. No human information, just doggie details.

Know your own dog and keep an eye on them, don’t get buried in your phone. Know your dog’s distressed signals, so you can manage their interactions accordingly.
Parks Search: Parks search gives you the hours of operation of each park in the NYC or Long Island database including amenities to help you plan for the perfect trip to the park.
Pawpals and Pawdates: You can become friends with other pups through the app and from there plan dates with you and your pups new friend.

Make sure your dog is spayed or neutered and up-to-date on all their vaccines. We wouldn’t want a doggie date to turn into boom-chickie-mow-mow…
Check-in, give back: At BOGO Bowl, this is our favorite feature, the donation part! When you check in at any of the 130+ dog parks, we give a bowl of kibble to a shelter or rescue in need.
STAy score: This part can be important if you have pups that are picky about their surroundings. It keeps track of Size, Temperament and Actvity levels of all the dogs who are checked in at the park to give the user an overall “energy” of the park you have selected. This feature is great to identify whether the park is a good fit for you and your dog at your time of arrival.
Event feature: This section of the app lets you keep track of local events including adoption events. It even allowing you to make inquiries about the shelter or rescue pup on their page.
And always remember:

You and your dog are there to have fun! If a situation is too much for you or your dog on a given day – don’t worry – just take a break or leave and come back on another day. Keep the park fun for you and your pup!

Special thanks to Jonathan Lagasse for his input on dog park etiquette. Find in the app store or Google Play. The app can be used by NYC and Long Island area dog lovers for now, but could be expanding in the future.

Today is Lost Sock Day!

So what do you do with one sock? Lots of things! Here are 5:

Image result for dog with sock on
  1. Put an empty water bottle inside an athletic sock and tie a knot to keep it in. Dogs who like to crunch will be entertained for hours – or as long as it takes to get through the sock. You can even put some kibble in the bottle and leave the lid off for a special rattly treat!
  2. If your dog has a wound on its paw, use a sock to keep it safe. You can use vet wrap to secure it around their knee or ankle. Or if you have a coordinated set, use them for doggy legwarmers. 
  3. Make a sweater for a small dog or kitty. Cut off the toe box to create a neck hole.  Make a couple of cups on the side near the heal for their arms - er, front legs. Voila! Instant warmth for your wee bestie.
  4. Have a senior dog or kitty who appreciates warmth? Fill an old sock with rice and tie a knot to close. Warm the rice-filled sock in the microwave (experiment with times to see what generates the right amount of heat without being too hot). Tuck it next to your dog or cat, or put it under a blanket next to them where they sleep.
  5. Donate your strays (socks!) to your favorite shelter or rescue. They can use them for all sorts of things!



5 Ways to Help During Kitten Season

They're cute, they're fluffy, they're funny... and there are 70,000 puppies and kittens born EVERY DAY (compared to 10,000 new humans arriving each day) in America. That's nutty.

Image result for kittens outsideSince a kitten can have kittens of her own at 4 months (4 months!) she can produce as many as 100 kittens in her lifetime.

Despite the Crazy Cat Ladies of this world (unite!) there are just not enough homes for that many kitties, so we have to help them.

  • Make sure your own cats are spayed or neutered (of course).
  • Help trap community caps for trap-neuter-return. 
  • Foster kittens!
  • Have a kitten shower to collect supplies for local organizations taking in these babies. 
  • Share adoptable kitties on social media channels to find as many good homes as possible.