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5 Things Your Dog Thinks when You’re Putting on Makeup:


“Should I come back later?”

Your dog might not be the most patient so don’t be surprised when they are ready to go before you are. If your pup can’t find a comfortable spot to wait for you, toss them a toy or have them spend time with another friend while you get ready free of those guilt-inducing puppy dog eyes.

“That lipstick looks fabulous on you.”

When it comes to makeup, if it’s an everyday thing, your dog is going to pick up on the latest styles and trends. As they watch you pop on some eyeshadow or lip gloss, they’re going to end up having their own beauty favorites for you to wear. If your dog’s tail starts wagging when you pick up that new lipstick, maybe it’s because they’re as excited about it as you are!

dog holding  makeup brush in its mouth. isolated on white

“Can I help?”

Before you know it, your pup will be helping you brush those locks out of your hair and pick
ing out lipstick shades! Okay, probably not, but Cinderella had her mice and birds, right? A girl can dream.

“I think you’re pretty, even without the silly stuff on your face.”

Dogs are meant to be our best friends because they love us, no matter what. Dogs will be there through thick and thin as long as they get love and companionship in return. The best thing about dogs is no matter how we look or feel, they love us no matter what. A true best friend doesn’t see flaws, they love everything about you.

“Should you be poking your face like that? Is this safe?”

Funny faces and strange tools, your dog won’t know what’s going on. All dogs really want to do is make sure their owners are safe and well, so don’t be surprised if they sniff around as you get glammed up, just to make sure your makeup brush isn’t the enemy!

This video perfectly sums up how our furkids see us. Thanks Warren for making it!


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