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Today is Lost Sock Day!

So what do you do with one sock? Lots of things! Here are 5:

Image result for dog with sock on
  1. Put an empty water bottle inside an athletic sock and tie a knot to keep it in. Dogs who like to crunch will be entertained for hours – or as long as it takes to get through the sock. You can even put some kibble in the bottle and leave the lid off for a special rattly treat!
  2. If your dog has a wound on its paw, use a sock to keep it safe. You can use vet wrap to secure it around their knee or ankle. Or if you have a coordinated set, use them for doggy legwarmers. 
  3. Make a sweater for a small dog or kitty. Cut off the toe box to create a neck hole.  Make a couple of cups on the side near the heal for their arms - er, front legs. Voila! Instant warmth for your wee bestie.
  4. Have a senior dog or kitty who appreciates warmth? Fill an old sock with rice and tie a knot to close. Warm the rice-filled sock in the microwave (experiment with times to see what generates the right amount of heat without being too hot). Tuck it next to your dog or cat, or put it under a blanket next to them where they sleep.
  5. Donate your strays (socks!) to your favorite shelter or rescue. They can use them for all sorts of things!



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