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5 Movies to Watch with Your Dog

Weather have you stuck inside? Or maybe you’ve just decided that facing the world is too much of a hassle today. Either way, you’ve chosen to stay home, snuggled up with your best friend for some quality movie time. Need some movie suggestions? Say no more.
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Here are 5 movies you and your dog will love to watch together:
Lady and The Tramp
Start your day with the 1955 classic Disney movie Lady and the Tramp. Watch Lady and Tramp meet and tackle the adventures that cross their paths. You and your best pal will enjoy this movie filled with energetic pups and fun. This animated comedy is filled with many musical numbers and romantic adventures both you and your dog will enjoy!
Squirrel, where? That’s what your dog will be thinking as he watches this colorful action filled movie with you. Get the popcorn and doggie treats ready as Russell and Mr. Fredricksen go on an all out adventure! This movie will for sure keep you laughing and smiling as this animated team faces unique obstacles with the help of thousands of balloons - and Dug, a friendly companion they meet along the way. This will soon be an all time favorite for you and your pup to watch if it isn't already!
The Fox and The Hound  
Who says best friends can’t be complete opposites? Take a break and watch as Tod the fox and Copper the hound become best buds, facing hardships along the way. This movie may inspire you and your dog to make a new friend and create life long memories together.
Finding Nemo    
Where’s Nemo? That will be the question of the night as you and your dog root for a small clown fish that’s lost his way in the deep blue sea. Watch Marlin and his friend Dory search the ocean to rescue his son. This movie will make your dog question the existence of charismatic aquatic creatures, while you swim through a story of drama and adventure.
Marley and Me    
Okay, time to grab the tissues; we saved the heart-filled waterworks for last. Grab your pal and cozy up on the couch to watch John and Jenny Grogan start their family by adopting Marley, the worlds…worst dog? We’ll let you decide. What’s life without a little mischief and love? Your pup is about to make a new best friend - and maybe a role model.

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