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BOGO Contest lucky & cute winners!

1st Place - Biskit.

Hi, I'm Biskit! I'm a goofy three year old, male,  Pibble German Shepherd mix. Back when I was just a pup I was starved and left outside in the heat to eat sticks and rocks, until one day I got lucky. My soon to be mommy came to my original "owners" house and talked for a bit and finally talked them in to surrendering me since they couldn't care for me properly, and that was the day my life changed forever! I wasn't left outside, I got my own toys, my own place to sleep, I got actual puppy food... But most importantly I got love, I got the love I deserved!


2nd Place - Archer

I'm Archer, but my friends call me Archie! I'm a 1 1/2 year old apricot toy poodle, and I live with my hoomans in sunny Los Angeles. I have so many pawsome neighborhood friends! My favorite things to do are play fetch with my mini ball, play in the sand at the dog beach, and eat leaves/sticks. Every day is like a pawty and I am the happiest pup around


2nd place - Angel's Hope Rescue

Ruff-a-Roo! We are so pleased to meet you! We are five adorable girls starting a new journey in life, the journey to find our families. Our photo was taken on our first night at our rescue, Angel’s Hope. We had been traveling what seemed like all day to get here and then finally we arrived. We were greeted with the sweetest snuggles and then we drifted off to dream of what the days ahead would be like. Of course, they will be filled with happiness and love.