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12 signs you're an animal lover

1. Your Facebook feed is 70% animal stuff.

2. You’ve skipped dinner with friends because you gave your last $10 to help a hurt furkid.

3. You’ve been late for work because you stayed up sharing the most adorable kitten – one of your friends needs to adopt him so you can visit!

4. You’ve had to promise your SO favors as a trade for “Just one more!”

5. You’d really like to change jobs but this one pays really well and they let you have time off for adoption events and legs of animal transport.

6. Sleeping on the laundry room floor isn’t so bad – it’s kinda like camping.

7. You know the secret to saving a homeless dog is CHEESEBURGERS and a lucky leash!

8. Your T-shirt drawer is a memorial of fundraising events, dog walks, lobby days, and “I like big mutts”.

9. Your friends post cute animal pics and videos to your timeline with the note “I saw this and thought of you!”

10. You won’t get into an argument about politics or sports but if someone says something bad about animals IT’S ON!

11. You used to be a big football nerd but now your SUNDAY, SUNDAY is spent building fences.

12. You’ve ugly cried when a dog you’ve never met crosses the Rainbow Ridge.

BONUS. You buy BOGO Bowl so you can feed a second furkid when you feed your own, without putting stress on your budget or your time.