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Don't be sad, baby!


There are many joys bringing home a new puppy though with those joys there are also terrors that come with having a new pet…one being teething.Don't be sad, baby!

Though mainly seen in puppies, both kittens and puppies can go through a teething phase, much like human infants. During this time the youngster begins to lose her baby teeth a lot like a human child. That’s when an increase kittens may begin gnawing on her owners and puppies may look for a chair or shoe to test their teeth.

The best thing to do is to get rubber bones or any other appropriate toy to redirect the chewing, says Dr. Camille Telleen of All Creatures Small Veterinary Clinic. There are also toys you can put in the freezer like the ones human infants use when they are teething.

“I have actually been called out for an emergency because a pet owner saw their puppy was bleeding in the mouth. It ended up being because of losing a baby tooth,” Telleen says.

Other remedies to help sooth your pet's aching gums include letting your puppy chew on an ice cube or massaging her gums.

Fear not pet owners; Dr. Telleen assures us the teething phase normally is done by 6 months. By that time the animal will have grown all of her adult teeth.

~Intern Cait