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If you need some exercise you can just go outside and walk around, go for a jog or cruise over to the gym. If your dog needs some exercise he has to depend on you. If you're not fulfilling your dog's exercising needs this can lead to not only physical problems but mental problems as well.

You can't just let your dog outside in the yard and expect he'll exercise himself. Unless your dog has another doggy friend to play with he'll just end up bored out there. Dogs are active by nature and many of them were genetically bred to be active. By denying your dog what he was genetically programed to do you could leave him very frustrated.

  • A retriever loves any type of fetching or swimming.
  • A hunter loves to chase and explore.
  • A sled dog loves to pull anything and everything.
  • A herding dog loves chasing and catching.

Not fulfilling your dog’s exercising requirements will affect their physical and mental behavior. It could end up being more grief for you if you don’t get out there and stimulate their mind. Of course, every dog is different; a smaller dog such as a toy or companion dog could be satisfied with just a short walk or play in the house. Larger dogs could need as much as a long, dog-exercise-1vigorous walk or jog, or long play session outside. So, know what you’re getting yourself into when you choose your dog.


  • Heart problems
  • Decreased life span
  • Obesity

Obesity can lead to a large list of problems. Obesity is not only a problem in the United States with people, dogs are suffering as well. According to 20-30 percent of all dogs seen by a veterinarian in the United States are considered overweight, with many clinically obese.

Obesity causes a decrease in speed and stamina, arthritic problems with joints, an increased risk of torn ligaments, and back problems, just to name a few. Obesity can also make your dog have a difficult time dealing with the heat. Owning a dog that suffers from obesity can end up costing you a lot more than just taking your dog out for some exercise.


  • Poor socialization skills
  • Boredom
  • Hyperactivity, irritability and aggression

If your dog's acting up and you don’t know why, it very well could be a lack of exercise. A dog that is not exercised properly does not receive enough mental stimulation. A dog needs a change of scenery, sounds, and smells. A dog needs to experience scents of other dogs, people and animals; this will help a dog to develop socialization skills.

If a dog becomes bored because of his lack of exercise it can cause big problems on the home front. Boredom can lead to over excitement, fear, or aggression when seeing new dogs or people. A bored dog can result to destructiveness, excessive barking, and even biting. A dog that has too much energy to spare could have more time for chewing your things or even on their own feet. A bored dog will chase other pets inside and jump on things or people.

Enough exercise means a calmer and quieter dog, which puts less stress on you and your dog. Just remember at the end of the day, a tired dog is a happy dog!

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