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Free & low-cost resources to help with spay, neuter and medical care

walking the dogIt’s okay to admit it: sometimes you may need a bit of help with the dog’s medical bills. After all, taking care of an animal isn’t cheap, and it can often cost thousands of dollars just to figure out what’s wrong. They can’t speak to us in English, so figuring out what’s going on with them is more guess work than anything, and sometimes that guess work can rack up some serious bucks.

But because other people understand, there are resources to help cope with those bills. That assistance comes from many places and in many forms, all of which have been categorized below.

Medical Care Resources

Care Credit: This is the most well-known type of assistance you can get in a crunch. If Fido is vomiting and refusing food and water and you just had to pay $700 to get your car repaired, you can turn to Care Credit to give you a helping hand. They are a low-interest credit card company that offers credit to almost anyone who needs it, but the credit can only be used on health-related expenses (including ones for our furkids). You can find out more information about them on their website.

Red Rover: Not only do the kind folks at Red Rover have a grant of their own for pets in need, they also have an extensive directory of resources that are mostly breed specific. They include a smattering of disease specific programs as well. If you’re a non-profit in need of assistance, they even have a list for you.

The Shakespeare Animal Fund: SAF helps animals that are injured and sick. They’ve distributed some $300,000 to needy owners that need help paying medical bills for their animals, and they specialize in cases where an animal is being held because a medical bill cannot be paid.

The Pet Fund: The Pet Fund is a smaller organization, but they do tons of good work. Their website is also full of awesome resources about spay and neutering and basic medical information.

YouCaring: YouCaring doesn’t directly offer help, but they provide a way to raise money for your animal in need of medical care – for free. YouCaring is one of the few sites that doesn’t charge any fees on top of the PayPal fees already associated with crowdfunding websites. There is an option to donate to their server fees, though.

Spay & Neuter Resources

Because Spay & Neuter has to happen up close and personal, some of these resources are very localized.

Animal Liberation Front: This website is awesome because they’re constantly updating their list of free and cheap spay and neuter locations. Many of their resources also offer feral cat spay and neuter for free as long as the person who brought the animal in agrees to allow it to be ear-clipped to indicate it’s part of a feral colony.

Advocate for Saving Dogs: This website has lots of resources, one of which is a state-by-state guide to free or low cost spay/neuter.

Neuter Spay: is a pretty huge database that lists nationwide spay and neuter resources. There are even some resources for people in Canada and Europe.

PAWS: Paws is known for helping out low-income households with not only information on low-cost clinics, but with money to pay for those low-cost expenses, too. They have tons of locations, plus they work with vets across the nation.

Humane Society: The Humane Society maintains a database of low-cost spay and neuter resources, but they also provide services themselves for little to no cost for families in need. They have a huge network of vets, locations, and grants.



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