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Rescue Me...

It’s always refreshing to see celebrities “do good,” especially when it involves rescue animals. Animal adoption in the entertainment world has really picked up within the last few years. It’s wonderful to witness this trend as they influence others to adopt needy pets, too.

Not only are stars welcoming new pets into their lives, some have even started their own rescue facilities and foundations:

Miranda Lambert – This popular country music star considers her several rescue dogs children.  Lambert founded MuttNation Foundation ( ) over four years ago. The funds raised have helped build shelters, promote adoptions, and rehabilitate sick animals. MuttNation also facilitates training programs for shelter dogs that are used in therapy for military and people in prison.

Emmylou Harris – Nashville’s 12-time Grammy winner has started a fostering service for unwanted pups in her own backyard.  Bonaparte’s Retreat ( ) was founded in 2004 and named after one of her beloved dogs. Their mission is to take dogs that have run out of time.

Katherine Heigl – This movie actress has seven dogs and a heart for rescue. Her family started an animal rescue group named for her late brother who was also an avid animal lover. The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation helps protect the voiceless and innocent ( Heigl has also started her own pet products line where a percentage of each purchase goes towards helping shelter animals.

Other animal-loving celebs have rescue pets and openly proclaim their love of the furry four-legged companions:

Kelly Clarkson – Not only does this American Idol winner rescue dogs, but she also adopts horses and pigs. She has 50 different rescue animals!

Jane Lynch – Glee funny-woman Lynch loves dogs. She’s an advocate for pet adoption and is involved with PETA. Lhasa Apso Olivia has been her therapy dog for 13 years.

Trent Reznor – Nine Inch Nails front man is an animal lover and longtime supporter of rescuing greyhounds. His concerts and merchandise benefit animal organizations.  Reznor has adopted several greyhounds that accompany him to his practice space.

Charlize Theron – This actress advocates for homeless animals as much as she can.  She has taken in abused and abandoned rescue dogs for many years. “It just kills me when people run to pet stores. This is the season to adopt.” says Theron.

Kaley Cuoco  - The Big Bang Theory actress has adopted three very lucky Pit Bulls. She works with Los Angeles based non-profits to promote a positive image of Pitties. Cuoco believes in helping smaller rescues, and thinks that donating and volunteering is very important.

Sandra Bullock  - Special needs dogs are near and dear to this Oscar winner’s heart.  Bullock has adopted one three-legged dog, one two-legged dog, and one pooch that is missing an eye.


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