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Pinteresting Ways to Get Through a Bad Day

What do you do when you’re having a bad day? Some people eat their feelings. Some people get on the phone and vent. But others, like me… turn to Pinterest. Now, Pinterest is an almost daily time-sucker, so I pin even when it’s not a bad day, but when it is, it makes things that.much.better.

Typically, I pin DIY and domestic related things (i.e. cooking, tips to fold a fitted sheet, etc.) but on bad days… my go to… is animal pictures. While, I do appreciate all pictures, I am particularly fond of any of them featuring a Pug. It’s a “Pugly” obsession really, as certifiable as my former cat obsession. I’ll climb on the couch, call sweet Pippa the Pomeranian over, and we will scope out her new sister, Kate. Our personal favorites are costumed pugs or pug photos with captions.

Here are a few laughs to brighten up your day, courtesy of this fantastic thing called Pinterest.

Why no... no I’ve never seen a dog shower like that? Usually, I am far more wet than than the sweet Pup when it’s wash time. Perhaps, I need to look into a shower-time method for Pippa. This is brilliant.
Shower time!Now, tell me that you aren't laughing at the Yoda pug with the caption… I mean really? You can almost hear the pug saying the caption in Yoda’s voice.

Pug YodaNow, I don’t know what it is about Pugs in costumes that are so hilarious… but out of all the dog breeds, they tend to have the funniest costumed pictures. Big bug eyes, wild tongues… squishy faced wrinkly fur babies. I just want to give them ‘pugs’ and kisses all over.

Here are a few of my favorites:

A tale of 3 pugs

Pug in Waiting, Shark Pug, Freddy Krueger Pug

Sushi pugSome pug owners are quite creative when it comes to costuming their four legged loves and seeing the unique costumes that make you literally laugh out loud are welcomed joys to a foul day.

I’ll leave you on this note. Flash ahead to my future Halloween. This is it. Kate will be some sushi and perhaps, I will color Pippa green and she can be some wasabi?



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