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Clean teeth = happy dog

Even if you don’t mind your pooch’s stinky breath, taking care of his or her teeth can still prevent a massive number of problems, from periodontal disease all the way to the need for tooth removal. So how do you keep your canine’s canines looking beautiful and working well, too? Read on for a few handy tips that will help your dog stay healthy.

Choose the Right Diet for Your Pup

It might be tempting to feed your dog delicious table scraps or delicious-smelling wet food, but unless your companion has a health problem that requires a different type of diet, kibble works just fine. It’s also better for your dog’s teeth as it doesn’t stick to them (and there’s little to no added sugar in high-quality kibbles, too). If your pooch demands the best of the best wet food, try warming up a good quality kibble in the microwave. This will make it smell more appetizing and that alone will interest  just about any dog.

Tartar Control Bones and Treats

In recent years, several treats have come onto the market that claim they will help control the tartar on your dog’s teeth. Though some of these treats don’t actually do the job they claim to do, there are a few that have actual research backing them. Most of them have a certain shape that takes a long time to chew through and thus your dog’s teeth in the process.

Toothbrushing dogOr Just Brush Your Canine’s Teeth

Brushing your dog’s teeth may seem like a big hassle, especially if your dog is big, fluffy, and doesn’t like getting his or her teeth cleaned. However, it’s necessary to watch out for your dog’s dental health. You can start with looking for a finger brush that you can just run across their teeth with a delicious tasting paste. These finger brushes are specifically designed for the crazy canines in our lives and make quick work of tartar and other buildup around dog teeth. Pair it with some dog toothpaste that tastes like roast beef and you should done in a matter of minutes.

Even though most people don’t think about pooch teeth, it’s incredibly important to start thinking about them today so your pup can have a healthy mouth for life.


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