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Keep loved pets with their people and out of shelters

Our BOGO Buddy Humane Ohio provides programs and services that keep loved pets with their people and out of shelters. They envision a world without homeless pets and where all residents have access to high-quality spay/neuter services at an affordable price. They also offer a pet food pantry to keep loving families intact.

The generosity of people in their northern Ohio, southern Michigan community is what keeps their pet food bank open and helps people and animals like Dani W. and her service dog, Lucie. Dani has a dissociative disorder and depends on Lucie to get through each day. Lucie is trained to sense changes in Dani’s moods; she can wake Dani if she falls into a mild, trance-like state, alerting Dani if she has forgotten to take her medicine. Dani is on a fixed income and, combined with current economic times, would have found it nearly impossible to keep Lucie fed, especially because Lucie has an allergy and requires a special type of food, which Humane Ohio sets aside whenever they get it.

As Dani herself said, “I don’t know where Lucie would be right now without the Humane Ohio Pet Food Bank and I’m very appreciative that the pet food bank volunteers were always helpful. I never felt judged.”

Dani and Lucie take care of each other


January is a great month to celebrate dogs!

January is a great month to celebrate dogs!  Birthdays and “Gotcha” days only come once a year, so it’s fun to have other special days to focus on our furry best buds. Check out what January has to offer:

1)      Walk Your Pet Month

Start the New Year off right with healthy attainable goals for both you and your dog. Getting motivated mid-winter not only benefits the waistline, but creates mental stimulation for your pooch and can curb behavior problems. Walking together also creates a nice bonding experience for you both.

If you’re in a snowy climate, be sure to check for ice or ice melt in your dog’s paws. Humans and dogs alike should be careful of slick spots!

2)      National Dress Up Your Pet Day – January 14

Dress-up fun is not just for Halloween anymore! Break out the pirate and alligator costumes - time for Buster to change up his fur for a day. Here’s the perfect excuse to take life a little less seriously and snap some cute photos to share.

emmy jammies

3)      Seeing Eye Dog Day – January 29

This special day honors hard-working guide dogs that help the visually impaired navigate through their daily lives. Kind, calm, intelligent dogs spend their days making life easier for many of those in need. Most seeing-eye dogs will work with their owners for up to 10 years. There are roughly 10,000 dog/human partnerships at any given time in the U.S. and Canada.


What's your plan to help animals in 2013? Kenn Bell has some suggestions.

Do you know Kenn Bell of the Dog Files? You should. He's done some amazing work educating and informing us (aka the public) about the relationship between dogs and people. For instance, there's Hero Dogs of 9/11 - Ten years after the World Trade Center attack, the working dog community comes together to honor the dog teams that worked at Ground Zero. Or check out A Few Good Dogs, which introduces us to Helo, Bubba and Oscar, three incredible military working dogs based at Fort Meade, Maryland. Together with their Army Handlers, they protect the men & women of the United States Armed Forces both here and overseas.

To launch 2013 Kenn has written a great piece about how we (that same public) can really make an impact on animal welfare. It's a great read, thought-provoking, and important.

The Most Important Dog Files Post Of The Year: Dog Files Opinion 

Thanks, Kenn!