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Two girls, two dogs, two bags = BOGO Bowl

They say things happen for a reason, and Sara Henderson and Susan Hollar believe that’s true. Something good has to come from the bad – why else would two dogs be horrifically abused in different ways, if not to bring about good in the world?

Sara knew she wanted to make the world a better place for animals – she even put that exact phrase on a vision board in 2008 – and she started the process in 2009 when she founded the Pet Project Midwest. Susan knew she wanted something different out of life, but wasn’t quite sure what that would be until she heard about a dog that had been shot and left to die at the river’s edge. The more she heard, the more her heart responded, and soon, she found herself mom to Duke, a handsome dog with bright, intelligent eyes and royal blue Walkin' Wheels to help him navigate his new world. Things fell into place.

In late spring 2011, Sara’s love of animals brought her into contact with Susan, whom she’d never met. Sara read about a dog in Topeka that was tied to a railroad track and left to die. Fortunately, Chance did not die, despite run-ins with two separate trains. His spirit and happy disposition got him through and put him into the Facebook universe where Sara found him. Unsure about the realities of caring for a special needs dog, Sara reached out to Duke (not yet knowing his person’s name) and quickly Susan and Sara became friends as Susan helped Chance and Sara find their new footing.

So when Sara came up with a crazy-sounding idea in fall 2011, one of the first people she shared it with was Susan. “What if there was a dog food company – a high quality dog food company – that gave away a bag of food for every bag that was purchased? And gave it locally?”  Susan thought the idea was brilliant and immediately announced her intention to be part of the company were it to come about.

Six months later, BOGO Bowl was born. Now these two women, and a crew of folks equally committed to the concept of healthy food for all dogs, are spreading happiness and dog food across the country. With fun titles like Food Fairy, Warehouse Goddess, Consumer Barkitect and Chief Foodie (“If you’re going to work long hours doing something you love, you need to have fun!”), the team at BOGO Bowl wants to put high-quality food in every dog bowl across America, whether the bowl is in a comfy home or a caring shelter.


6 thoughts on “Two girls, two dogs, two bags = BOGO Bowl

  1. Marcia Moore

    This made me cry. Who could hurt an animal? And why? I follow Duke, his mom and siblings as well as Pet Project Midwest on Facebook. May God bless all creatures, great and small! God bless Sara and Susan. I thank them both for what they do for these precious animals. Tonight I'm going to hug my 3 kitties (who don't know they're cats) just a little bit tighter.

  2. Yorkie Mom

    Such a great idea! I just ordered a sample for my dogs to see if they will like it. I need grain free chicken free, but I am gonna try the lamb and see if it works with no issues. Fingers crossed!


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