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Help us help them - Defending Against Isaac

Image Gerald Herbert | AP

Seven years ago when Katrina hit I was working at a law firm. As news story after news story came in about the dogs being abandoned, rescued, or not rescued, I cried. A lot. To the point where my boss and coworkers started giving me funny looks and I spent a lot of time hiding in the bathroom. That same week my student loan check came in and I’ll confess I sent a large chunk of it to any organization helping animals in the area. I cried myself to sleep, worrying about the poor animals, the poor people, the poor rescuers fighting nature and man to help the helpless. My heart and head couldn't accept what it would feel like to have to choose between my life and my beloved furry family members, or the panic they would feel if left alone in such a frightening, unfamiliar situation.

This time is different, because people are staying with their pets, or took them when they evacuated. This time the authorities expected and encourage to rescue animals along with their people.

But the people who stayed with their pets and were saved as water chased them to the attics will need food for their dogs, and the shelters must be overrun with rescued animals in addition to the animals already in their care.

This time it’s different – the value of pets is more widely acknowledged, in great part because of what happened during Katrina – and this time, with your help, we can send lots of food and love their way.

How we can help them, together:

1. Buy a bag for the dog you love and indicate “Isaac” in the matching organization slot.

2. Or buy a bag and tell us to send both bags to defend against Isaac.

We’ve set up pallets just for food to go to the hurricane-impacted areas. We’re reaching out to organizations on the ground in Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana to find out the best way to distribute the food.

Will you help them? Go to and put "Isaac" in the organization box.

Looking for another way to help Pets affected by Hurricane Isaac? Check out this cute Gulf Coast Flood Relief Shirt from our friends at



Win free dog food for your favorite shelter or rescue!

Did you adopt your dog? Enter our Facebook contest and you might win them free dog food! It's simple. Just enter our Shelter Shoutout contest on Facebook and then get your friends and other organization supporters to vote for your dog! The 3 dogs with the most votes will get up to 10 bags of free BOGO Bowl dog food for their organization! How easy is that? Contest ends 8/29/12 so hurry!


It's a Pittie!

In this case that's a great thing! From Jennifer, one of the founders of this awesome organization:

We at Its A Pittie Rescue are very excited to be part of the BOGO Bowl Buddies program!  It's A Pittie is a rescue less than two years young, but we are loaded with very knowledgeable, hardworking volunteers who rescue, rehabilitate, and love one of the most difficult breeds to adopt out. We spend countless hours every day making sure we not only save, but adopt these precious pups into loving responsible homes to live out their days.  Rescuing a bully in need is just the beginning. We have mentor programs who are the main contact for each individual home, we provide training programs with a professional trainer, quality food, health care and all the basic needs to be sure our dogs become the best ambassadors of the breed.  They live in foster homes where each dogs personality can be matched with the best adopter.  We strive to improve not only the lives of the dogs, but the fosters, the volunteers and the rescue as a whole and anyone that comes in contact.

Since our start in April 2011, we have adopted out approx 220 bully breeds.  With the BOGO Buddies program we hope to not only reap the benefits of a great program, but connect with other organizations to continue to promote the world of rescue and create relationships with them.  We believe in the 'Pay it Forward' notion and give to other rescues in need as well, such as donating Kuranda beds, cat items and individuals who are down on their luck.  Rescue starts with each person and we have all learned that with just 'One Click' we can save a life.  We hope to connect with more individuals thru the BOGO program to continue with that mission.